Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mario Salieri On Live

il filmato di Paciclica2007 รจ online

or the Movie Clips of our initiative, Paciclica Cycling for Peace, is online.
You can see it on Blip TV, here
The film has contributed to the Second International Competition of Short Films
Arnaldoincorto2008 and was ranked third.
The same video will be presented in Portsmouth during 2008 Ciclomundi

Hello everyone Massimo

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Community Service Letterhead

Video Paciclica 2007 a Brescia

PACICLICA won the 2008 Friends of the Bicycle consegnatole in Brescia during ' National Assembly of the Italian Federation of Friends of the Bicycle by President Antonio Fiab From Venice, the director and the president Fiab Luigi Riccardi Fiab Brescia Mario Leoni.
After the preview of the National Assembly of Delegates Fiab in Brescia, the video of our initiative Paciclica 2007, will finally be visible to all participants Wednesday, April 16, starting 20:30 at the Museum of Natural Science Via Ozanam in Brescia.

The video traces the extraordinary initiative we have created, organized and experienced during the first days of October 2007. During the House Fairy Tale, in addition to receiving the prize "bicycle-friendly," Paciclica will be officially included in the national calendar Fiab 2009.

here's a photo during the award ceremony, click here