Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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in bici ricordando la tragedia del Vajont

On the 9th of October will be the 45th anniversary of the tragedy of Vajont.
How Association decided to commemorate this tragic event, in many ways emblematic of the * humiliation and brutality with which the territory is exploited and abused, reaching cycling Longarone starting from Brescia (about 260 miles in two days)
Details are still being studied but is prepared the draft plan click here
to subscribe send an e-mail to fiab.brescia @
indicating clearly name and wish to participate;
is required to be registered to participate in the fairy tale.
The number of places available may not exceed 35.
October 9, 1963, THE TRAGEDY OF VAJONT
to the poster Borgosatollo the evening of September 12, click here

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Il Vajont

Friday, September 12, at the Theatre of Comunuale Borgosatollo,
Consciousness is the memory of a people, meeting with survivors and relatives of the victims.
The evening will speak Lucia Vastano, author of the book Vajont, the long wave