Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hp Pavilion T3000 Drivers

... we hope the time is good ...

say that my return on these pages is definitive ...
a bit 'and problemini commitments have kept me away .. but there is always the desire to go back .. and so here I am with you .. I want to try new things .. .. I want to do. .

This cake is simply this decorated in a different way ... simple, fresh, requires no cooking .. I prepared for my sister's birthday and was pleased as always to all ..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Best Budget Receivers


Happy Birthday Dad!

To ensure a very good result with a cake for a birthday I was entrusted to Pinella, very successful recipe, changed a little in detail but will faithfully carry the recipe .


150 grams whole milk 100 g fresh cream
80 g sugar 4 egg yolks

50g dark chocolate 70%
6 gr of isinglass
50 grams of hazelnut paste *
300 g of fresh cream semimontata

a pastry disc / disc biscuit

Prepare the custard: Bring the cream to boil with milk. Far hydrate the gelatin in water fredda.Con a stir quickly whip the egg yolks with sugar and pour hot liquids. Let the cream reach a temperature of 82 ° C, add the squeezed gelatine and hazelnut paste. Stir it securely and fill in with the finely chopped chocolate or carefully melted in a bain-marie or in the microwave. Sift the cream and bring down the temperature about 35 ° C. Semimontare the cream and pour a spoonful of cream to thin it slightly. Then, finish pouring the cream in the center of the bowl containing the cream and mix-down.

Preparing the dessert

Take a tray, covered with film, or acetate and place the center in a strip of metal approximately 20 cm. Within the band, to join a rectangle acetate of the same height of the band will di avere un bordo ben liscio ed uniforme. A questo punto, deporre un disco di pasta frolla cotta in precedenza oppure un disco di biscuit che servirà da base alla crema. Versare la crema sino al bordo e far prendere consistenza in freezer.

Al momento, sformare il dolce sul piatto da portata, eliminare l'acetato e procedere alla decorazione. In questo caso, è stata fatta con:

due cucchiai di glassa neutra a freddo

un cucchiaino di cacao amaro in polvere

una stecca di cannella

riso blown chocolate

chocolate decorations

Sift cocoa over the cake so irregolare.Velare with a brush dipped in icing of the cake and decorate the surface with the elements listed above. If you want, with your own imagination.

bavarese noisette pinella

around I put some chocolates made from molds of Vertigo Silikomart. I melted the dark chocolate 70%, I lined the mold and put in freezer to solidify. After a few minutes I filled the molds with pistachio cream purchased at a specialty store in Sicily. With the remaining melted chocolate I have sealed the chocolates. Then I put them in the freezer to solidify.
And then I wish ... Enjoy this sweet and thanks Pinella!!