Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sony 43ht20 Double Vision

To hell with good intentions and I live Eiffel 65

The New Year has always been one of the days that I sweat more, for years my mom leads me to the history of the wearer red underwear, eating sausage and lentils etc etc
For years friends and family inspire me to go to the party most GALLA in the area, to start, to dance, to dress with the paiettes.
E round of presales, and people who do not make money and the queues and many promises that soon collapsed when the diggei decide that your first song of the year will be a new song by MIKA.
True story.
Every year I intend to spend the night with people waiting for the right of "New Year with those of Good Friday" by Perego, smail, the countdown, the showgirls who dance, beautiful words!

If tomorrow I'm not mistaken there is a large wild Filmon from time immemorial and I would spend the last year as their

Yes, with the young and Emilio Solfrizzi Bari, Leo Gullotta, Miss Cinzia Leone and Baby Baby Corona pumped to amazing levels.
This year I decided to celebrate New Year's exactly how I celebrated HALLOWEEN WORDS 'SO'
Maybe there will be Monopoly games but spirits high class household.
You spend my New Year's Eve at home with friends and phrases cciovani like me yesterday, I already know how it ends:
"Boys € 300 are not enough"
"For food and drink you say?"
"Fuck me not care about the food I'm talking about smoking"
We are already drawing up the special playlist for the evening special and Baby Baby Corona is so I'm alright.
Then, let me miss anything I like Rihanna, when the going gets tough I go to the sea.
Barbados Calabria or do not understand the difference, but I will go on my bike water enjoying a bit of healthy and well-deserved rest.

How will I get on a plane the day after New Year?
I shall be able ?
Grandma has already killed the pig?
But there is Calabria in the winter?
But most of all when I come back?
So to hell with good intentions, I have one wish from you and this wish comes directly from the world's most famous clothing:

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why Am I Allergic To Percocet And Darvocet

the top 10 discs of 2010 I SODDING.

People with serious music blog, people who understand, people with the pass concerts, the people doing serious groupismo (ah good old days, old days) are working hard just to put their grading records PIU 'BEST of 2010.
They are right.
us, we need help to unravel these dense swamps of the mp3.
personalmene I follow only emtivvì emtivvì because we have the power, we have the dream, we have the pop, lights, video, expensive, fashion clothing, the right attitude, the dancers are beautiful, firm and models in the videos of teens.
Mtivvì is like Berlusconi, to dream fuck, makes them dream and everything is perfect, then when the waste plastic from the cd and put it on the stereo is not as nice, but that's another story. ..
But 'nuff said:
I I SODDING year-end rankings, and I propose this mixed ghetto-but-not taken from the site of Mochilla , a record label in LA
Catch him and be spread as they say on the site:
" This will warm your ears, brighten your heart and remind you of the strength of good music, download, hit play and you know - turn it up .... "

Another compilation Christmas Ganz and this site nostrano the 400 kicks trying to bring the magic of Christmas to his oldest TRADITION, his real birth, his etmologico "Why?" :

"As far back as December 25, 1984 was held in Moscow, an event that would change the history of our planet forever. What seemed an ordinary boxing match between Rocky Balboa, legendary American champion who had previously announced his retirement, and Ivan Drago, called "the Trans-Siberian", the rising star of the Soviet boxing, was actually a real clash between East and West during the height of what time bloggers from around the world called "# laguerrafredda. "

Right, December 25, 1984 Rocky Balboa defeats Ivan Drago in Moscow in the famous fourth chapter of the famous saga" Rocky "
But why just talk? let's enjoy together!


But back to us.
The site asked for some bands to reinterpret a piece chosen by the soundtrack of a horror movie or action and this beautiful compilascion is what came out.
So go on site and DOWNLOAD NOW HERE AND BEAM .

Yeah I know.
C a r e a m i c h e e c a r i a m the c the I realize.
I'm turning into a little man.
are compilations from boy, it's true ...
But you try it to grow like normal girls when, from an early age, you put your dad on the couch, lit Rete Quattro or and d i f i l a , u n o d i e t r o l ' a l T r or , s and r after s and r to s the to n d to v a a s c o p r i r e " P e r u n p u g n o d i d o l l a r i " , l ' i n t e r a s a g a d i " R o c k y " , l ' i n t e r to s to g to d and "The Godfather "etc etc
Not to mention how many times with my brother we have imitated the final scene of" Over the top "

More precisely, the "change of power" of the minute 3:02
how many emotions!
Where is he hiding the Sylvester Stallone of my heart?
ammore Where are you?
I act like a little man inside me but there is a small and warm ADRIANA looking dell'ammore!
Enjoy the compilation that is better to go!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Connecticut Waxlicense

Letter to the Velvet Underground Candy Says

Candy se la passa un pò come me.
Ognuno ha in mente una sua Candy della versione di "Candy Says " del terzo album dei Velvet Underground.
Io me la vedo Candy nella sua cameretta anni 60 con la tappezzeria scolorita la lampada del comodino fatta in tela, la finestra leggermente aperta...
Candy me l'immagino più giovane di me, si chiede delle cose che forse io dovrei smettere di chiedermi.
Candy dice un sacco di cose ma quello che ho capito io di Candy è che Candy è immobile.
Candy è immobile in the house and move because he does not know if Candy would move to make choices.
What do you think I'd see if I could get away from me?
falling behind by birds and blue and let them take part that I do not think even to migrate.
Just Candy?
me to fly I do not give anything to me of globalization I do not give anything, to do business in the world I do not care. I
'I do not want these things, I want to stay here, I want to love me now and here. Candy
hate the big decisions because then passes afternoons thinking about what to do and more often than not think a lot of great satisfaction. Candy
perhaps does not know and then I say that I am a little older and maybe I can help.
Candy, sometimes not thinking very great satisfaction, the time of choice is essential to make decisions, Candy trusted not to rush things but not even let them fall.
Keep your hand in things, not make the fist but not too open
You know your birds blue?
think to take them in one hand, you can not suffocate but you can not even leave it at the mercy of the wind, they keep it warm, half closing her hands like the two halves of a shell.
So you do with the decisions.
Candy Says is a beautiful song although the period Lou Reed against Doug Yule, despite the departure of John Cale, despite all the problems with the group's new record label, even though everything is a delicate and beautiful song.
And if a song like that is out of the period against Doug Yule and Lou Reed, Candy over whether to say the things we did to them, then I can do it too. So Candy
see you and I, our beds as rafts and hello hello to the walls of the house.

The album the song is sung by Doug Yule why Lou Reed at the time you know he was breaking apart, not to support John Cale ...
version is also very beautiful film adaptation of "Berlin" by Julian Schnabel, where Lou Reed performs this ballad with Anthony Hegarty.
No, I can not post it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Restoration Hardware Nylon Shower Curtain

Happy holidays to you all!!

that 2010 will end in the best way and the
2011 bring you everything you want!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's The Easiest Paper To Decoupage With

Robe that make Christmas a celebration a little more trendy

few days Christmas is nice yeah.
What monstrous ball, it pains me to admit it but since I do not go to church, especially the midnight mass with my friends I do not enjoy Christmas more.
Midnight Mass is an institution of fun because there is a lot of people miss the celebrations Lele Mora, then we boys were stealing the chairs to instill old who wanted to sit and laugh at If the people until the mother he turned round and blamed us.
Ah good times, I hope that my street credit does not drop off significantly after this confession.
Christmas is always the moment of agony and wait forever usually rewarded with disappointment, disappointment for gifts, mega disappointment for the lunch that was promised, disappointment for the evening, disappointed by the human relations disappointment for the new year that lies ahead.
(I'll be spending New Year COSI ' )
Wagon Huge disappointment.
The magic of Christmas, now only occurs through atradizioni home, habits that should not be touched, here's a short list of who are now robbe Christmas

1) excellence of the film for the Christmas period is obviously "Mom Alone" STRICTLY TO SEE ONE BEHIND THE OTHER.
I do not want to be here once again to say that everyone should in this film, what made us grow, what he has done and continues to make us laugh, what is intrinsic and indispensable in our culture.

in particolare:



2) I Christmas with Destiny's child I would gladly

3) Christmas song that echoes in every Christmas movie

4) Julian fucking enough!

5) The Worst Christmas movies of all time, and just say MIRACLE ON 34th STREET just move! BAAAAASTA!

6) You must declare if they say that Christmas is a time for love and maggico couples.
is obviously not true because if he makes you a bad gift there is no excuse, but if
would like to declare to you there is always the statement that made Love Actually cry all

7) the true feeling of Christmas to last buy a piece of shit not to disappoint anyone!

8) Without my uncles all drunk this year is a Christmas sad: (
I will play bingo and there will be no DVD required to see, which happened to his uncle dvd door casa e che casualmente contiene tutta la saga di "Fast and Furious" da proiettare sul muro come al cinema.

Per Tokyo Drift ci sono state urla e momenti di tensione.
Grande zio.

9) ciuffi ossigenati, moncler, neve finta e amori non corrisposti, gli Wham avevano capito tutto.

10) Finally, this is my wish you happy holidays to you, the true gift of Christmas all they want, the real Christmas song that everyone wants to hear.

Easy and cheap!

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 19, 2010

How To Know If Scorpio Is Interested

not want any more delays.

(click on ' image to enlarge)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Songs That Would Relate To The Book Sold

Two recipes for last minute Christmas

Queste sono due, secondo me, buonissime e molto scenografiche. E soprattutto se siete invitati a pranzi o cene in questo periodo sono ideali da regalare.

Tronchetto Natalizio
Questo tronchetto non è altro che il rotolo di pan di spagna farcito con nutella e ricoperto con nutella...praticamente una goduria!!
E' molto facile da fare.. qu i trovate la ricetta. Basta poi ricoprirlo di nutella e per l'effetto neve utilizzare o farina di cocco o del semplicemente con dello zucchero a velo.

Pandoro farcito
Another simple recipe: cut horizontally pandoro, stuffing it with rum custard and decorate as desired.
heart Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gas Week Before Period

E 'come!

My package of swap organized by Annamaria has arrived! A
shipped was the most gentle Roberta, who may already know me, or has been so good to see my taste from my blog, because I sent a lot of chocolate and other fine products for your location.
Now I can not wait to taste them all!
Thanks Robert and thanks for the wonderful Anna initiative!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

How To Take Off A Loose Bracket Braces

cutlets stuffed

If we have a soft heart ...
that goodness!

What about the fried food is always good and who does not like the pork chops? When my mom says '... we have the chops for dinner' at home light the eyes of everyone, especially those of my husband, who adores her. You should know that often makes pork, beef and chicken to satisfy everyone's needs, but taking the opportunity to free steaks from the freezer that puts them away when they buy too many. When you defrost the meat unless it is good to eat on the plate is never special, but try to recycle it with the pork chops! you will make everyone happy family.
But let's see how to create good and simple alternative to the chop .....

a piece of loin of pork (or pork)
mushrooms fontina cheese

eggs, bread crumbs Parmesan cheese grated

salt pepper oil for frying

Take the piece of loin and cut the slices a little big, take each slice and create an incision on the side (a pocket). Dice the mushrooms and saute in a pan with a little oil and a clove of garlic. Blend with a glass of white wine, salt and pepper to taste. Cook until the wine evaporates completely white. Cut the Fontina cheese into small cubes.
Take the pockets of meat stuffed with mushrooms and fontina, press the flesh from the incision to seal a bit.
Mix Parmesan and bread crumbs (the proportions depend on personal taste, I put a lot of bread and a tablespoon of Parmesan cheese to taste), add salt and pepper. Beat eggs and add a little salt here.
Pass the meat with egg, then bread in the press well to close the incision, then wipe the egg and again in bread.

Fry in deep fat.

And look at that soft and tasty heart ....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Broken Blood Vessels After Waxing

Sweet almond paste baked

This is a typical product of my parts are the typical dried pasta that can be found in pastry shops. I have prepared for them in the Christmas package for the Christmas swap.

Ingredients: 100 grams of almonds
80 g sugar 1 egg white
orange zest

These are the proportions, with this dose leaving a score.
Method: Finely grind almonds with the mixer until powdered. (I did it in bimby). Add sugar, orange zest and then the egg is not mounted. When the mixture is well mixed transfer to a sac-a-few and do donuts or S or just lines on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.
Bake for 10 minutes at 180 degrees.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where To Buy Pin-up Clothes In Az

Birthday Cake Panettone

Bis Happy Birthday Grandma!

And Sunday was the birthday of my grandmother and Riviera celebrated his grandfather. Grandma Angie is the mother of my dad and great-grandmother has become for the first time this year with the birth of my puppy.
Today we all gathered and we celebrated ... and then



E che compleanno sarebbe senza torta?


Ingredienti Pan di spagna leggero di Pinella :
115 g tuorli
125 g albumi
25 g fecola
25 g farina
25 g cacao
50 g burro
20 + 100 zucchero
1 cucchiaino di lievito

Ho fatto il pan di spagna usando 1 dose e mezza e aggiungendo 1 cucchaino di lievito, che non there in the original recipe. Fabulous result.
little Whisk the yolks, add 100 g of sugar and fit gently until mixture is light and fluffy. Beat the egg whites until stiff with 20 g of sugar.
Take 1 tablespoon of egg whites and lightens the yolks, then pour in the egg yolks, stirring gently from bottom to top, without removing the compound.
Sift flour, starch and yeast and add to mixture. Melt the butter and when è freddo, mescolarlo ad un cucchiaio di composto e poi unire tutto insieme, mescolando sempre con attenzione. Imburrare ed infarinare una teglia quadrata e cuocere a 160°C per 20 m'.

Ingredienti per la crema chantilly a modo mio:
500 ml latte intero
130 g zucchero
20 g fecola
40 g farina
1 bacca di vaniglia
cioccolato a scaglie
250 ml di panna fresca
1 busta di pannafix

Preparare una classica crema mescolando i tuorli con lo zucchero, unendo la farina e starch and with a whip in motion to add the hot milk paino pine (inside with the vanilla bean). Cook the cream until it thickens, do not boil.
Outputs a cream soda that we will do very cool.
Whip the cream with a bag of pannafix and keep refrigerated.

Cut the sponge cake in half, insert the below into the pan used (covered with transparent paper to facilitate to escape from the mold), add the cream with the cream, stirring gently and put whipped cream on the sponge, add the chocolate chips and seal with the other sponge cake.
Chill for several hours.

Take the sugar paste ( I I had already prepared either pink or white), roll and coat the cake completely. Create a large serrated knife incisions like a quilt, the small holes will be obtained widened slightly with a toothpick. Make the dough with the pink ribbon and a bouquet of flowers, add the years: as many as 81!

And let's enjoy the cake!