Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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Why do great in the years when you can accomplish them wholesale?

Care dear readers and hopelessly few readers who follow me,
today is a day of peace and harmony ,
an important day,
a day on which it is worth to wish,
buy flowers,
gift jewelry,
a day when all thoughts are whirling toward a single thought,
a day when all the sighs of 'love, happiness and beauty run to be one big living
a day when men and women make peace , adults and children, sisters, and horses are all happy to agree to think about one thing ...
The celebration of women?
Yes, your favorite curls as always there has the ace up his sleeve now and then you feel special because I think it is special!
What a beauty!
Every year my father has uprooted a tree of mimosa and other flowers at random to get in the room when he knows that I hate MIMOSE and because of my relationship with my BFF-osmosis have also become allergic.
Thank you Father!
Miraccomando! Like every year bought the Saint Honoré is the cake that I hate most in the world along with millesfoglie, which then 'ste always know one thousand sheets of cardboard.
I started celebrating yesterday, the Japanese, Koreans cheating on the whole will.
Yes and yes Koreans were all at will is a fake.
We have trimmed a kilo of rice, half of which inexplicably ended up in the stock of his most clever.
From them the good wishes have become vodkas vodkas in greetings and best wishes in dancing in the streets of downtown Milan.
Spend the first morning of the 22-year Metro-Bugnasco and something-a TUNA pick for the restaurant the friend has no price, try to understand the difference between the Sardinian dumplings from 3 cm or 1 you back exactly between the sixth and seventh vodka when you said:
"I maaa uuuuuuu I'm fine just shines tomorrow I'll be a fairy tale "

When I looked at the department of fish the salmon eye to eye I remembered the Japanese the night before and a turbulent vortex intercostal me has attacked.
While Martha, like a good mother, is the case of Metro fiscalissima I wander the corridors covered with tall of food in big portions, the step from there to the lane of the Bible is short and the Bible comes to alcohol and the green hills turn into green bottles of vodka and mint.
Exit the Metro, some fool has put down a bowl of sweet onions, are scattered everywhere and the smell is strong, very strong.
I resisted the department of fish with onions, but I can not resist.
the onions I can not fight.
I run to the car like this:

I go home, are in the metro, the red one this time.
Apparently no one wants me to sit, you bastards is my birthday and you have to lift all if I want.
can put it if I want to cry, but I do not know if it's because today, the vodka or video crazy to me on FB are posting to greet me, in fact today I feel powerful, I feel like Kanye West at the MTV awards, I think I win, I want everything are beautiful and cheeky style and shit that I have.
Kanye is your last album I want to eat it every day for breakfast but also your most antiquated stuff, you've always been a badass I also want to walk the cheeky, I mean even I touching the sky with a finger and have the top of the top
The women are right now I should not talk about men, you are right as I only ever talk about me and my fantastic person, but every now and then let the world breathe inzomma.
Arrival to the Panda with my walk "to Kanye" c'è il sole, ho ancora il mal di stomaco ma ora riesco a controllarlo a mio piacimento, non ho la faccia neanche tanto gialla.
Entro in Panda e in radio parte la canzone del giorno direi (scusa Kanye)
La dolce Willow Smith con "21st Century Girl" che non è certo come l'imbattibile "Whip my hair" ma ci ha comunque il suo stile.

Vedi Willow, una giovane promessa del rap come me invecchia mentre tu stai sbocciando come una rosa a maggio!
Si Willow mi ricorda molto la giovane Elena. soltanto che lei è meglio.
Mi piace pensare che la precocissima Willow si sia ispirata a Marc Bolan che con i T rex tuonava "21 century boy" , cavoli Willow che riferimenti ci hai!!!!
Cavoli Willow ti amo, dimmi che è così ti prego, sii la mia nuova icona di riferimento, non mi da fastidio che tu sia più giovane e più nera me, I am a great believer in talent!
How nice it would be a world where girls are inspired by the T rex?
That girl you're Willow fantastic, fantastic.
Ok great but now just because we have forgotten that it is MY BIRTHDAY IS NOT YOUR OWN, SO DO NOT FARMI begins to cry.


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