Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Comfort Herpes

Chistopher Kane or how to choose their own mentors in a wrong way.

Il tour della Fashion Week mondiale non è ancora finito ma io ho deciso che alzo le mani e qui mi fermo.
Mi ritiro, ormai prendo la degree and everything is fine but next year I moved to the mountains to dig the earth and make jam of plums of our land.
This is because there are people like Christopher Kane, people who have less than 30 years and has collections like this:

Christopher Thanks you make me feel worse as the ignorant, the designer of the world with less fantasy, you make me feel helpless, with no money, I do remember that I have to print out the tissues, but no one will come out then I will support a collection of beautiful home!
Thanks Christopher that make me crazy because you added to your clothes PVC with colored water.
Thanks Christopher glad that you wanted to pull even in Milan with his collection of Versus by Versace.

A collection of crazy Where you fuck all those returning together, the purple with red, green oil with orange.
Fuck the color blocking!
You'll fuck the biggest and you show me these things here, the black skin, the opening game and scream I WANT MY GOD THE GLITTER IN THE WORLD, THE GLITTER GIOMETRICI!
No excuse the screaming, sorry.

It is your mentor Donatella Versace, who will also be a fake blonde with the behind many imitations and a daughter anorexic but it is Donatella Versace.
How many times we had to dream of being the daughter anorexic, how many!
Your mentor is Donatella Versace.
I still Pino Scotto .

Pino take a picture with you was one of the best moments of my life.
No, I want to ruin a moment.
Pino Scotto great addition to my other great icon, as the Countess De Blanck who made his appearance to the 'Island of the famous "My only reason for follow him.

I remember in the famous romance with Carlo Capponi , man that suffering from "bulimia banana"

Yeah, I was very young but already famous that I have to say?
Of course I thought I would be going at this rate I also get to know Kathy ....
What is the design his own collection when there is a talent like that?
Pino, Ms. De Blanck I invoke you, pray for me!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lien/loan Reported On Used Car

Fashion passes the blog remains, with eight video apology and an excuse

blog I'm sorry I'm calculating a little but you must understand that I do it for us!
Come on! I tell you that there is no one!
Mann VITAMINIC 's just not working!
oh Come on, you have to trust we are not so many that I could remain and Mr. Vitaminic in drafting and heavy bombs on the desk ...
But I'm smiling like the idea? But joke was a joke blog A joke!
I am doing it for us, is a training course of some of the best NABA my love, you are the first true love.
clarifications to the blog I had to excuse me, if they are worth almost a year now report and I'm just like the fake singing voice of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air:

Eeee lo so Willy, siamo rimaste in poche così esageratamente speciali.
Ma cerchiamo di riassumere questa mia transumanza da un sito all'altro, dalla presenza all'assenza, dalla vita alla morte.
Questa settimana sono stata molto impegnata, si anche per colpa degli esami ma soprattutto per colpa di Sanremo.
Sanremo ha reso le mie sere memorabili e divertentissime grazie a tutta la gente che lo commenta su twitter in particular, the group Sanremo Sanremo .
E 'was great.
A nice thanks to Hurley who was always very funny, thanks Eli, thanks Sardinia, thanks in hairstylist Canalis, with cocaine.
Belen won was obviously the coolest and since it was not enough he also wanted to sing with his father as all Italians emigrated to Argentina and the Argentines emigrated to Italy have cried.
Last week was Valentine's Day and I have great fucking going to hear the concert of the evening at the Rocket.
Evening is the group of red Vivian Girl that sets aside the original garage-surf band and throws in sweet melodies that are more ethereal and dreamy spring the paintings of Monet.

The live was very nice, very sanvalentiano except that:
a) the sound of the voice was pitiable "Eddaje alzalo! alzalooooo noise!"
b) to indie Rocket are the same for years, I were not welcome back 2007!
A nice blast from the past, literally.

Paris Hilton turns 30 today.
Paris is appropriate to make a new album I guess.
It 'really the case, I miss you so much.
With your songs you have given hope to millions of obese Americans and pimples, have revived the May of the century film set in high school, is a genius.

Lately I've been trying to watch several videos of fashion (EEE EEEE ELENA THAT FATIGUE?) To get an idea I would like to make my own for my collection
IS THE PHARD Lord called me and I have proposed creating a collection inspired by MY BIG BUBBLE!
No, obviously not true, however, as you know that idea is not bad?
For now, those who approach the type of video you would like to have:

Proenza Oh well, I want to die.
The vintage-Beautiful-and first initials of the music?

Missoni I never liked it but the video?
If we cut the parts with the children unnecessarily sweet?
The fringes that move? the intermittent?

Gareth Pugh, if hello.
The wonderful thing is that video of her clothes on, you will not even so much shit, is all that is a heart attack.

Elle Fanning for Rodarte
colors, space and music?
and you?

short video of the operetta fashion are not bad eh?
for now I have not even picked the fabric and then to hell with the collection, what has maggggica fashion?

L'ultimo video rubato dal blog amico La Belle Epop riguarda il nuovo album dei Radiohead "The King of Limbs"
Sì, recentemente c'è stato dell'isterismo su tutti i social e tutti hanno dato di matto, hanno scaricato, volato, prenotato il nuovo album dei Radiohead ma l'unica cosa che davvero ci dovrebbe interessare è Thom York che balla nel nuovo video "Lotus Flower".
Ma l'unica versione che ci dovrebbe interessare di Thom York che balla è questa:

The own madness, the madness .

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Diposal Of Sanitary Napkin Signage

The painful history of the Iron and Wine concert in Bologna

was some time since we were preparing for the
concertone of Iron and Wine in Bologna.
Yes, we have prepared. No
who cares the new disc.
The new disc is also not so nice, nor
. I say the
preparation travel:
Hotel booked, tickets bought,
membership ACSI booked, booked trains, outfit ready, various rolls are ready, you can fuck identikit easy ready too. So we
girls very organized.
'm back from London an hour ago and I remember just one word:
Mann ! Not for Iron and Wine to him after we get there Daje .
Foot, excruciating pain in the foot, feet throbbing, feet screaming, feet feet feet feet feet.
arrive in Bologna we decide that we are so we can show our pussies walk the "
mezzoretta " che separa la stazione dal nostro alloggio in via degli Usberti .
Bella roba, sabato pomeriggio, strada principale, bambini, innamorati, stranieri,
kebabbari , robbosi con i cani, sosia di Guccini a caso e il caldo, si il caldo di Bologna.
Ah Bologna!
Che bella Bologna, è una città che mi è sempre piaciuta dove mi trasferirei volentieri.
Bologna is beautiful but perhaps even more beautiful if we get drunk immediately.
lunch in the restaurant frozen in time.
"But it is the second of the afternoon .... will bring us a liter of red
" How come here from Milan to Bologna? "
"Tonight we go to the concert Iron and Wine "
" Mmmm ... ..... Iron is metal? center the Iron Maiden ?
"Definitely not."

Bologna Beautiful, beautiful walk to the Hillock hot and nice, with the fear of stepping on the tail to some nice blind German shepherd, not the poor who then asked him to have of the owners who have a very bad style and studs, maybe he feels more in a sweet poodle .
Montagnola Beautiful, beautiful of us that will stand up and around people say things like:
"I do not believe in Ducks"
Ok not a problem do not give you.
not remember anything but walk, walk, walk, walk, and pain, real pain.

Foot, wine, walking, warm, Tower Asinelli, streets and roads and streets and walk.
Just walk the night comes and there is a live concert.

" maaa she is taxi driver, the area where we are going really bad?"
"Al Locomotiv ?"
" Ehhh girls ... yes, yes."


"You know you are one of the few that we met in Bologna"
" Eheheh , Yeah are rare now! "
" Eee should breed more of you!"

Entriamo nel locale dalle mura rosse, piano piano si riempie, fa già caldo, la guardarobiera è davvero troppo figa e mi fa sentire a disagio, le bariste non sanno fare i cocktail, è la seconda volta che ci ritroviamo a bere il santo Graal dei cocktail fatti male, "Il Cocktail Morte"
Il" C.M" non è altro che uno Sbagliato fatto male, molto male.
Nelle rarità dei casi in cui ci siamo trovati davanti ad un "C.M" non siamo mai riusciti a capire se fosse stato aggiunto o tolto qualcosa.
La scorsa volta ho sfidato la sorte e dopo averlo bevuto tutto mi sono ritrovata a dire cazzate, aprire il cuore, piangere in un angolo e a chiedere a Bugo "Ma secondo te dove ho sbagliato? Bugo aiutami tu".
La cosa brutta è che Bugo c'era davvero, non era una visione post "C.M".
Il "C.M" ha dei riscontri positivi nel senso che ti risveglia dal torpore, ti apre la mente.
It hurts, I know, but you wake up.
But back to the concert Iron and Wine .
It 's time of the shoulder and takes the stage Tift Merrit , the typical American songwriter, those with the grain of the voice that we really feel like a character comparable to Joni Mitchell.
One of those that, in all likelihood, lives in a commune of hippies, drinking organic green stuff, he gets excited in front of the trees in autumn, and shows a rather irritating spiritual serenity, patience and a mystical fun to sing softly.
already hate you.
You are there, above the stage, blessed with your beautiful grain of the voice to sing stuff like " Keep you happy " , people sballonza one part another, the most limonano , the most smiling and happy, too happy and the only thing that I feel are my feet are throbbing and "BOOM BOOM BOOM" were not even in a song volumes of Massini Black Eyed Peas .
Boom Boom Booom .
starting to go crazy, I'm bad, I wear a mere sweater with short sleeves, I do not care to smoke, all this serenity is making me uneasy.
We sit outside the room, walk walk walk.
invent songs on the feet, feet are discussing, inventing teorie su cui i piedi abbiano deciso di ribellarsi dopo aver sentito frasi come "un lavoro fatto con i piedi".
E' pazzia.
Sentiamo il silenzio, siamo alla terza sigaretta di fila.
Ok Sam è sul palco, dovremmo entrare lo so che dovremmo entrare.
Non ce la facciamo ancora.
Fanculo Sam , fuck you, fuck your audience, your shirts and your smiles serenely.
Fuck .
Boom boom boom.
We return there against the wall, ok Sam I'm listening.
Ok Sam you're willing, I'm a snob like the others and I think this album is not the best, blablabla .
Still Sam does not take me, are angry because I do not feel part of the concert, a girl I silences and glares at her, she looks at her, her boyfriend, her shoes, her world.
I go outside to smoke again, yes again.
Of Naples next to me deepen complaints about the new album, but go I think.
continue a heated debate about how the folk is inflated , how Sam always wore plaid shirts, worn-out T-shirts and now we find him here "with the shirt and jacket."
I smile, I smile at her feet hurt, but there Always a fan who feels betrayed when his idol is wearing a "jacket" and it always makes me smile.
Boom, boom boom, and before I finish the cigarette.
'm in the bathroom, the mirror is deforming, are not really so, is the mirror.
What problem has this mirror, mirror and I want to fuck I do not see myself do not understand and cloakroom pussy is always out and is still pussy and I want to mirror, but I can not.
Then I go out, the concert Iron and Wine is ending, we hear it in the air after a two-hour concert.
And here the last two songs ...

I knew that I cared about.
're swinging too, are part of the concert, his feet do the same terrible but now we are you.
You're not listening to well and he understands it, put aside all the tools and uses only one, the best one, his voice.
E 'true but trivial.
Here Iron and Wine is this is one that in a moment makes you forget all that wrong you have done in a day.
(Then fell off the stage foot pain is back and tragedies have happened to other beautiful Bologna, beautiful)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tejon Ranch Hunting 2010

Justin Bieber, I had taken before, not Justin tremareee.

exams are close and I remember four girls with brushes and a bad project on the shoulder .... no sorry we are not sorry
eeeee maturity I had not taken maiiiiiiihihihihih!
much I miss high school, three years of NABA make me regret the sisters with the blood-red crucifix around his neck.
Studying Fashion is not useless but it makes you feel useless, because any idiot feels obliged di prenderti ingiro tipo sta romana-marchiggiana-non lo so-cafonazza che mi rideva in faccia.
Intanto hai delle meches ENORMI e fossi in te io rimarrei a casa, poi il tuo ragazzo/amico non lo so mi sta mangiando con gli occhi quindi che cazzo ridi, poi ti abbiamo dato anche una cartina lunga e tu non hai invitato e quindi, ripeto, sei cafonissima, ed ultimo ma non meno importante:

"ahhhh moda con la finta Chanel"
"no carina, io da Bershka non ci vado, questa è una Moschino."

Il bello di essere un misto tra il nord e il sud è che posso permettermi di prendere in giro tutti i dialetti italiani.
Lo so care amiche è difficile perdere il vostro increscioso accento, non ti dico di perdere la cadenza, la cadenza è un segno distintivo, la cadenza ci sta,però non mi parlare in dialetto.
D'altra parte capisco anche che il ritratto della studentessa di moda è quello di una bella figa vestita tutta loggata, che mischia teschi e fiori a caso e dice cose come "ADOOOOOORO" "LOVE IT" "OH MY GOD!" "OGGI GIORNATA IN CENTRO CON LE AMICHETTE <3"
Passi la bella figa ma il resto è un'invenzione.
Oddio, invenzione forse no.

Ah la mantellina!

Per carità, studiare moda non è di certo studiare medicina o scienze politiche (HAHAHAHAHAHA)
Non dico che troveremo mai una cura per il cancro ma sai quanto rendi la vita più easier for people with the invention of a new zip?
And the jeans where we? fabrics waterproof?
and beautiful things, eh?
I have no desire to work for the exams so here is the post at random:

1) Next week I will be in concert Iron and Wine to Locomotiv of Bologna, I'm more into the skin there will be an amazing weekend.

2) 's Feb. 11 in Ammeriga released the highly anticipated film by Justin Bieber "Never say never" which tells the story of the enfant prodige of pop music.
bad output in February, otherwise it would be candidate for an Oscar for sure but we try again next year.
Questo è il trailer

Anche David Letterman è un fan sfegatato di J.B e questa è l'esilarante " Top ten sul bello di essere Justin Bieber"

Godetevi anche l'ultimo minuto e mezzo dove suona la batteria, WOW.

3) Speaking of WOW, the new album came out Verdena called WOW indeed.
For now I'll just say that "mme Piasca me."

4) there had not yet spoken but you should know:

right, Dowson has decided to be nice, apologizes to everyone for being a ball and chain, a boy too sensitive and wants you to pay with this beautiful site

5) Last week I told mo and again I say, two weeks ago I joined the wonderful world of Vitaminic .
Every week I write the good and bad style of world music superstar.
Go read and share!
THIS is the article in this week and is full of goodies I were you I would read it!

6) Other news from the world of music.
this week broke up the White Stripes and LCD Soundsystem
I am very sorry for the latter, the first committed himself certainly together in time for Italy to win an exciting new world of football.
This is a fantastic live version of Absolute Zero, beautiful, because listening to the original when it exists?


(while I was writing everything has dried acrylic, illustration board goodbye, goodbye.)