Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hide And Lindsey Dawn

16 # 15 #

" How are you? "
" Well, I survived a penis and more penis "
"I'm sorry did you say penis?"

(though it's crazy that I still do not have the discography Destiny's but above that there is a degree over them)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Deck Over Swimming Pool

Fashion reminder will tear us apart, my column on Vitaminic!

Hi Guys!
Finally I can tell you the fantastic news!
Yes, I've been called by Elena Mariani Vitaminic to treat a book & Fashion Musica e pessimi costumi!
Ah che bello, sono contentissima!
Dai amiche e immancabilmente amici leggetemi leggetemi!
Divulgate il verbo!
La rubrica si chiama "Fashion will tear us apart"
No...quali Joy Division non capisco?
Ah sono un gruppo?
Ah dite che è plagio?
Ah ma forse lui died, and then who cares?
Oh how nice, my mother is happy.
"Finally I can tell my friends that my daughter does something"
Thanks Mom, indeed a life of artistic studies will bring me to draw Madonnas Cathedral and bad comics that I shall not want never to advertise .
This beautiful new job (I earn so much happiness and lots of new friends) have to spend a lot of hours on Sky to improve my pop-culture television
But what a pity!
So I am training for my dream job that is working for Blob and then turns in front of the television 12 hours, all day.
However follow me from there too, beating Ferragni or even better!
let me become so famous that it can be interviewed and have a photo with her.
would be great.
Dai quindi andate e leggete, se volete leggere cliccate QUI PROPRIO QUI QUI DAI
(ma in verità è già disseminato nel post quindi ci capiterete per forza, bastardi)
Già che ci siete suggeritemi di chi vi piacerebbe leggere che io non sono molto giovane e soprattutto ho una passione solo per le cantanti afroamericane che dicono parolacce al proprio fidanzato coglione.
Che dio bless you sisters!
inzieme Let's enjoy this moment of happiness and just as I received the happy news that they passed on MTV Classic:

hank G Max, we hope not to end up Repetto.
(which is true of everything but this song can not make you dance, not to mention the cool videos inspired by the Friends Depeche Mode )

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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The day I met Vallanzasca

Lunedì sera sono andata a vedere "Vallanzasca- gli angeli del male" di Michelino Placido.

Era da più di un anno che aspettavo questo film, come mai vi chiederete voi?
Beh è una lunga storia...
Dai che vi interessa quindi non rompete.
Il nono mese di un anno fa la mia amica Francesca mi abbandonò in Italia per cercar fortuna in quel di Londra.
Io, giovane left alone in love, I was going to go out with my friends for Milan mascula dark, not the party and indie.
My friend Gabriel, who was my Virgil for weeks, he said, "Tonight I'll take you away in Padua"
Via Padova? Are you kidding?
My father lived there as a bachelor, at the turn of the 70's, I know the history of Via Padova.
Here, I brought in just that way in a place called Padua Ligera .
the Ligera is located at 133 Via Padova, is a local managed by two set of the 70 police of Milan, one of Milan's Thomas Milian, "Milano hates: the police can not shoot" to speak.
One of the two owners has also written a book named "I wanted to be Vallanzasca" , so to speak.
we enter the room there were few people, are the owners and a small table.

"Did you see who's here?"
"No, who is it?"
My friend began to sweat and laugh nervously like a virgin touched for the first time
"Are you kidding?"
"No, no, there is also Kim Rossi Stuart"
"KIM Chii!, Soooo"
Now I was the virgin Howler.
"Yes, Placido is shooting a film about Vallanzasca and Kim will interpret"

the table are the boss Comasina, with his wife Antonella pincher in his arms and asking if Kim can have a risotto, a table further away we are there.
Ci guardiamo e continuiamo a complimentarci tra di noi, non si sa bene per cosa.
"No ma tu forse non ti rendi conto, c'è Renato Vallanzasca."
"No forse tu non ti rendi conto, c'è Kim Rossi Stuart, Romualdo! il sogno della mia infanzia"
Si, perchè Kim sei un grandissimo attore ma non interessa a nessuno, sarai per sempre il giovane (e un pò tonto) Romualdo di Fantaghirò!
Ma godiamocelo insieme!

Mando un message to her friend in London
"I'm at and there Ligera Kim Rossi Stuart, hello."
"You're a bitch, hello."
We spent the evening watching a smear and to imagine shooting a sudden, the glass of the local breaks, holes of bullets on the walls, everything that imaginary them anyway ...
Late in the evening the group gets up, pay, greets us warmly and reserve an exciting
"Good evening boys"
"ahaisbdbbfdknsgiguaaaa to you" with attached foam.
We talked about that night and several times more people, passing on the word of the forthcoming film about the Bel Rene.
All this to say of course I'm biased, you know when the players know what to do, talk bad?
I am sunk in the armchair to the movies, popcorn right, bottle of water on the left (no coca cola did not want to be fed too much sugar for a film like that)
Bomba, the film is a bomb, the cast is a bomb, the mini cameo of the Caliber 35 is a bomb, the costumes are a bomb, with a short character like the story speaks for itself.
Vallanzasca Perhaps there is presented a little too much like noir hero, as the good of the band, too rock star with a rise and fall of a glamorous but the pace of the film is scorribilissimo.
The cast fits perfectly in my opinion even if Timi after a while becomes a caricature of the film "a little bit of parody.
Maybe you chose to accompany the recitation of Romuald ... I mean Kim Rossi Stuart stressing more the movements of other players, using their faces, many in fact, appeared for the applicant's character, they have faces full character.
Anyway who cares about what I think of the movie, let alone in cinema history carry a response to three, then.
But then what I want to review that, even if he had spoken of the diver dumped by his wife and dog, I would have applauded the same as I would any hard
I would do Kim Rossi Stuart, I'd Filippo Timi I'd Francesco Scianna, I would also Solarino and why not, I would also strongly Michele Placido.
But Negramaro no, Daje.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can Dry Eye Cause Eyelashes To Fall Out


"But if he has little later?"
"Honey, you have to understand that the little thing in a man is like the cells in a woman, it bothers them ... and now, the difference is that it aims with orange peel and that there are positions that ...."
"While there is no hope for him."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Paul Fox # 14 for 2011 I hope the Black Moon

I'm usually not superstitious, oh, I believe in bad luck that follows me mara since time immemorial and the old ladies down the country have confirmed that "suffer from the evil eye of envy" but in general are a girl right.
The only guy I have ever taken in my life is Cloris who introduced me to the cult of the Black Moon, The Gypsy because it never fails.

My other weakness is the horoscope of Paul Fox.
I believe it to Paul Fox, it seems like a fair one that he does his job with passion for mica because if I wanted to fuck fuck would say only positive things
and never NO!
When Paul told me that "you have two bad years," damn bubba has really happened and when I said "in 2010 will rise again" damn bubba we still had reason.
So yesterday I went to check my horoscope the year, since Paul does not believe in the horoscope every day, no, Paul has a more lungimirante.
Ora, il segno dei Pesci, fin dalla notte dei tempi, non è mai stato un segno fortunato, è sempre ultimo nelle classifiche e questo perchè "siamo degli inguaribili sognatori" che tradotto in lettere è "siamo degli inguaribili coglioni".
Aaaah i Pesci e i loro sogni, i Pesci e i loro dubbi su amore, soldi e carriera!
Aaaah i Pesci!
Anche quest'anno come NELLA MIGLIORE DELLE TRADIZIONI non poteva mancare la sfiga, cari amiche e improbabilmente cari amici sentite che bell'anno!

Ok speaks only of Finance and illegitimate children but take things with pliers, read under the lines:

"To love is the best month in July"
"But Paul goes! How strange I never would have said, thanks to the fuck are tanned, I'm talking about real life Paul! "

But we move to the second part of the horoscope, because there is a second part, the part of the GRAPHIC OF THE YEAR!

But how nice! when they say it is all downhill!
But we go into detail, magnify the chart!

Ah, this is a chart? no sorry this is not a graph!
This is a picture of Rorschach test
Trust me, go look at your horoscope that will never be much worse than mine.

Monday, January 17, 2011

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Madonna my passion! Monica

Lately I have discovered in me a passion for Madonna.
You know, I'm late twenties, now We have to shake Lady Gaga Brtiney bald.
When I find myself listening to only draw at night and not only Madonna, I also Mossette mirror.
You know, always late years, I know.
I could not understand my morbid interest so the figure of Madonna ... why now? So late? But then I'm straight, what happens to me?
Then I realized: The
my unconscious broke the balls to be kicked and you're right.
The unconscious is telling me to trust in the hands of Our Lady, for once, and not that of the Madonna.
Madonna lied to me I said do not worry because everything will.
did not happen. I am left with only her
, the bionic woman, Madonna.
Why Madonna would never get pregnant without a "man" without noticing anything, it's Madonna
-if we must have a child and stopping my career 'son I'm doing with the barrels, in all positions in the world, with whips and nipple cover latex and when we're done here I'm not soft like a poor woman, I have a job and 'I'm your baby is well-
is how Madonna would respond to the response of indecent Boss of heaven.
The unconscious is guiding me towards Madonna, he's telling me "try to look like Madonna and you'll be fine."
Madonna Let's face was never the coolest of all the pop star Samantha Fox to compete there, Blondie, Cindy Lauper and many more ...

Madonna is still immature with only 37 in NY Dollor in his pocket, and already the beginning is legend!
began to frequent the city's coolest places, such as CBGB and other bad place, not interested in anything that they are all old or scrap of punk rock, Sonic Youth remember her as a talented but not always in arm some important guy.
And how did it go? that they too have been haunted by the figure of dedicating a project called Madonna Ciccone Youth.

And now, I like them.
Madonna arrives in New York and began attending artists, jazz musicians, actors etc etc. Madonna
not, has never been the coolest and probably not even have a great voice but he had one more thing, the Badassery.
Elena, was Badassery, his face blowhard, Pugilli the nose, eyebrows and dark expressive, Madonna has the air shit, can pass as a girl with a cigarette in his mouth sensual owl in a flash.
Madonna knew it and did not allow herself to be deterred by the nose boxer and expressive eyebrows, in fact.
I'll never be like her, I have no faith in his belief that the
Kabbalah and the gym , I would never be my daughter's pussy, but I also like her can pull off the character, lie about my true skills and give me a Brazilian (for now was only half Brazilian, but I'm working on)
Madonna has always been an inspiration, an icon of style and life .

The image of her with the butt bored in the mouth, the shirt that says "Italians Do It Better," is the only one that was saved by Vanilla Ice while standoci together, in short, Madonna has always been an experience that if things are not the first who gives a blow I care about is getting my cheek.
So yesterday taken a morbid hope to find myself, I also watched "Desperately Seeking Susan" and is one of the best movies of history, there is, there is the intrigue, there is fashion, there being poor and lovers, there is no trust there is all the music, there are also Egyptian jewel thieves.
So yes, that
"Searching desperately Elena is.

Friday, January 14, 2011

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lied to me all this time?

Excuse me?

No, Monica, non me lo dovevi fare, fortuna che nessuno mi ha avvertito, no Monica non fare scherzi.
Non lo dovevi fare neanche per i soldi, stai anche bene, ma non mi interessa.
Non dovevi farlo.
C'è mi hai mentito così?
Dov'erano Domenico e Stefano quando è successo?

Ah but it was already happened in 2007 tell me!
Congratulations Monica, complimentissimi and I do not think about it?
fought a battle all the more for what you believe and you stabbed me in the back as well?

Tu quoque Monica wire me!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Letter to the future King of the World

futurissimo Dear and King of the World
I am writing this letter if I were unprepared for his arrival.
My name is Elena I am 21 years old and live Monza.
you, your alien Magnificence must know that I have always been terrorized by aliens because I am 30 years making movies where you come and kill us in a brutal manner.
Looking back on that if I understood him to tell yourself that you will come and kill us is true and that means not only that you are right.
Yes, your future King of the World Summit wanted to let you know that you do well to come here to imprison and kill us all.
not get me wrong, are not just a sexy young upstart , I think there is a small part of humanity that is worth saving, but that we think about it later, but there is also a large proportion of people who in fact let's face it, is there to do?
might be like in Avatar, where the patriotic soldier (I) falls in love with virtual pussy, that I wonder non ci sono delle belle ragazze sulla terra? c'è bisogno della figa virtuale? non bastavano le chat porno, Meetic e quelle robe lì?
Dicevo, io soldato patriottico mi innamoro di lei Re supremo del Mondo che verrà e mando a fanculo la mia gente e sto con lei per sempre perchè alla fine è di questo che parla Avatar no?
La figa prima del proprio paese, no?
Sua Altissima Potenza lei mi deve capire, lei e il suo altissimo cervello verde dovete venirmi incontro.
Sono stati momenti di sconforto, ho pianto quando la razza umana è peggiorata di colpo, quindi io dato che sono la prima a rendermene conto vorrei che lei mi avvisasse quando arriverà sulla Terra per potergli offrire il miglior comitato di benvenuto che riceverà mai.
Se succederà davvero questo mi dia qualche segnale dal futuro ORA!
Ok, quando vuole lei.
Sa, Sua Eccellenza, sono sempre stata attratta dai personaggi potenti come Lei quindi mi faccia diventare la sua Carla Bruni, mi faccia guardare la Terra dall'alto, mi faccia volare come fa Leo con Kate, Aladdin con Jasmine o Briatore con la Gregoraci!
Si sono pronta al mio fate with you!
The world is ours!
joins us in the act of 'cosmic ammmore I and its green jelly, but they carry condoms that are too young to become a mother.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Napoleon Dynamite Party Supplies

Giorgio Canali play Joy Division, love us still strazierà

Tonight I'm going to see The Giorgio Canali you play and sing the Joy Division to Casa 139
to Joy Division I are very affectionate, not my favorite band, I do not think are the best but certainly I would like very much and are always in my heart and in my drawings:

The Joy Division I show a couple of years ago ...
I remember when I was seventeen years and for one reason or another I tried to move a lot of time outside the home.
Many have told me that I had late adolescence, it is true.
Up to 16 years have been a girl's quiet ones that give the first kiss with great embarrassment and even a little disgusting, those sweaty palms that was just half an ounce of sentiment, and above all only listened to rap, but this is a ' other story.
Joy Division I know them, because you know them anyway cabbage, we turn around but they always know when you're little girl and became passionately interested in music there are lots of names and try to listen to all groups at least once without taste them, you're young you want them all at once right?
But there is one particular moment I remember saying "ah, what a beauty Joy Division"
was one of those first nights in Milan, when all of a sudden from attending the usual pub with the usual friends you find yourself back at 6 in the morning or the day after.
I changed, I was big, the well-dressed indie Milan were born, began to sprout fringes, we heard only the 80 songs and I had my first gin and lemon in his hands.
I remember in this room that no longer exists, the columns of San Lorenzo, we were lined up, he was leaning against the walls and moved the leg and head up and down.
What moments tenerezza aaaa la gioventù.
Quella sera probabilmente ero giù di morale per le liti di casa ( non è vero, probabilmente anche perchè il diggei non mi si voleva fare) e i gin lemon a quel tempo erano ancora così dolci, così zuccherini, scendevano una maraviglia.
Sono le 5 di mattina e si sta per spegnere tutto, la gente è stanca, manca l'ultima canzone, la canzone che ti accompagnerà fino al letto, tu sei ancora in mezzo alla pista perchè sei giovane e ci vuoi credere alle serate ed eccola che parte "Love will tear us apart" ed io da sola in mezzo alla pista, un pò traballante, molto ubriaca che, come Giorgio Canali, me la cantavo e me la ballavo da sola.
Quella è stata la prima volta che ho ascoltato veramente i Joy Division.
Da lì è stato tutto un scaricare, comprare cd, cercare vinili, farsi regalare vinili, leggere libri, guardare film, credere che il tipo per cui vai fuori assomigli all'attore che interpreta Ian Curtis etc etc
(true story tra l'altro)
Ho anche la suoneria registrata male di questa canzone, suoneria che nessuno capisce se is a barking dog or a zombie.
Now I developed a strange form of love for Joy Division, they play only covers.
Yes, I listen to the covers, especially "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and not just listening but I am also very jealous.
From the famous to the amateurs, knocked the cover of Joy Division.
This year I promised to give more then you sacrifice with my favorite place ...

questa è sicuramente la più famosa, quando l'ho sentita dal vivo mi sono commossa, sono proprio carinissima.

anche questa mi piace molto semplice e pulita

questa, per me, è davvero da BRIVIDO e adoro il video.

They did not know them, are Iceland and only have this album to their

This can not wait you can use it for a fashion show or my marriage.
I love the cover instrumental

Last but not least the karaoke version Bjork, Bjork is ultimately organizes karaoke to save Iceland.
A karaoke with Bjork.

gelosona But what I am!
Miraccomando not feel it too I get ruined.
And love, love strazierà there yet, hopefully tonight Giorgio no.

What are you saying I put my shirt?

No geek is possessed by it?
We hope to avoid the tear at the corners of the eyes that this "is shit"

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Drank Wime Feces Black

Even if it's all the good intentions need them malone

I said nothing but good intentions a year without new purposes and as part already hopeless is like a gazelle wakes up that already dead , understand?
Here are my 5 good intentions, by the EC could do.

Because the worm as they say "even if everything malone tomorrow is a new day"

Damn Verme is a year that we were right about everything.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

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Gioiuzza my back, come back and love the good things of this trip in winter Calabria

The witch took me less than 10 degrees in the wake of yesterday.
Yes, until yesterday I was in Calabria but this time not by the sea in his native village, Roccabernarda, one of many villages on the burnt hills, hills with orange groves.
The "Rock" is all uphill, those climbs that if they get the license you are allowed to drive trucks too.
I've been on the Rock 5 days and given that the lists are a lot recently, and given that Laqualunque Cetto has made just a few days ago I do it myself.

"I have no dream But I like Pilu"
Although sempremente Cetto and forever.

List of good things that I have lived in Calabria
  • roasting fire drills with his grandparents and uncles, and pick the best method to learn
  • know my mother
  • see the episode of "Che tempo che fa" dedicated to Atnonio Albanese insieme ai miei cugini che conoscono le battute di Alex Drastico- Cetto La Qualunque a memoria
  • il nonno che declama poesie sull'amore che tornerà
  • la processione con mia madre di casa in casa di dolcissime vecchie zie baffute che mi spogliano, mi tastano le minne, la vita e i fianchi per vedere come sono diventata, se mi sono allentata da quando ero bambina, se porto gli orecchini d'oro e quanti figli maschi potrò dare a mio marito.
  • Non è folklore è matematica, tipo così
  • seguire un'intera commedia in dialetto
  • "Uhhhh Marì è tua figlia? Chi PETTO che tena!"
  • dopo il TASTAMENTO sono stata eletta futuro sex symbol di paese quindi, anche se sono a Milano, le vecchie più potenti hanno deciso che mi troveranno un marito, uno che vale tipo Micheal Corleone e mi sposerò per procura, poi tornerò in pease e la nostra storia d'amore continuerà secondo le usanze del luogo, più o meno così:
  • La porta di casa sempre aperta, il camino sempre acceso, le sedie sempre in più
  • la Za' Teresa che pulisce i broccoli fuori casa
  • le famiglie, le razze e i particolari genetici rivisti nelle foto in bianco e nero
  • la nonna e la statua di San Francesco di Paola
  • il pub alla sera, il Martini rosso a fiumi in compagnia, pagare 2 euro o scoprire che ci ha già pensato qualcun'altro
  • mio cugino che va a pescare e vede i delfini
  • Steccato di Cutro in versione invernale, vacuum, buy cigarettes, walking alone on the beach, the summer meeting closed, the wall of the Madame, and you do not answer that
  • the police that debuted at the bar saying "uei tutt'apposto?"
  • The Tempra 80's uncle also known as Kitt Knight Rider
  • eat calzone best in the world in Croton with the real spicy tomato sauce and pasta with mozzarella that spins but does not pay for water and a €, think again and buy another six to take home
  • friends who do not identify why do not you just wear the costume
  • old aunts who always pray for me, "I dedicate two rosaries a day" too nice Means "
  • the killing of the pig and the smell of blood
  • new and old friends who move from miles away, others that "is already Catanzaro NY"
  • the bag back full of food
  • "There are people who still travel with the cardboard boxes closed with string? Is a little démodé not?"
  • The grandfather and grandmother who recognize "Parlami d'amore Mariu" on TV